Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year Ski

My faithful appendage Astrid, Skagit and I went out for a ski on New Year's Day at Big Sky was softly snowing out and it was soooo quiet I could hear my own heartbeat, the sliding of my skiis and the rythmic planting of my poles in the fresh snow, Astrid's soft breathing and the muted sounds of Skagit leaping wildly in neck deep snow, here, there and everywhere.

Astrid in my trusty mirror.
Jeff rang in the New Year by catching some fish with our friends Bill and Kristin on the lake.
Hat head and some rosy cheeks near the fireplace after some fresh air!
We hope you rang in the New Year some special way this year.


Art said...

oh look, a little ski bunny! Cutie pie is getting big.

Anonymous said...

Like I said you ARE enlightened!!!

That sweater was the best investment!!

Miss you all so much!!


Philigry said...

love those cheeks!!!!
i love the butterfly mobile! did you make it, or buy it somewhere? addison stole mine. they are so beautiful. I thought about tracing it and making some more!

Ebeth said...

I should have made one for everyone in the family! I enjoyed making the butterfly mobiles this Christmas. I love working with paper to make something beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very rich and interesting articles, good BLOG!

Meagan said...

I love your description of the sounds of your ski adventure. I am so happy that you are living in a place where you and Astrid can spend so much time outdoors!

Anonymous said...
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