Tuesday, December 16, 2008

something Gram and I have in common

My Grammy Folsom and I have something very special in common....we both have mothers named Astrid, daughters named Astrid, and the middle name Astrid. I was just going through some photos that I scanned in while I was home a few years ago....and I came across this one:

This is a 2 year old me with Great-Grammy Gardiner (Astrid!) and Grampy Jamie (Jim).

I know I have posted this before - but it is one of my faves, right now! Astrid Fern, Agnes Astrid, Elizabeth Astrid, and Astrid Campbell...Four of the Five Astrids.

Every time I go home it is more and more difficult to drive out of Gram's driveway to leave. Maybe it's because I have a little daughter and in a very short time she will be walking and talking possibly a little more difficult to get to Maine as often as I have these last few years... especially once I have to buy a plane ticket for her. As I get into the car Gram always stands in her doorway waving with tears welling in her eyes. My throat constricts and the tears flow as I back out her driveway and head down Pearce Avenure, wishing that I was just living down the street, ....by the time I get to our old house on Court Street I start feeling a little better...thinking about our next visit.

Gram and three of the Smith Kids

Me - 6 Months old

On a frozen pond ice skating. I never was that good - as you can see I'm lying on the ice!

Trimming the tree with Genevieve. Gosh - why doesn't Mom change my diaper - it looks like it's full! Either that or I just have a chunky butt!

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