Friday, December 12, 2008

rosy cheeks & noses

Sharon and I and ALL our girls (Sharon has a daughter Jessie and two female labs Lucy and Sammy) headed to the top of Sentinel today...

It was chilly, but we dressed our girls perfectly this time and they stayed warm despite the 25 degree day...all but their chubby little cheeks. Astrid's got all rosy this afternoon when we got home, it was SO sweet!

Astrid slept for a lot of our hike, but Jessie was a trooper and didn't miss a minute of our conversation! She did demand some Os from time to time on the way down. We pushed the time limit again, but it was so worth it to get outside! (Thanks, Jessie, for being SO patient, little one!)

Can't wait 'til our next hike together!

The dogs did a wonderful job of tiring themselves out!

Mama - I neeeeed some OOOOOOOs!
The Missoula valley looked a little cloudy from the top!

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