Monday, December 15, 2008

the important things get done...

My house is a wreck, I haven't vaccuumed in 400 years (well, over a week ago!) and there is dog hair all over this place, we have no living room furniture (it will be here Dec 21), there is clutter everywhere, laundry piling up, websites that need to be worked on that have been lagging, sewing projects for Christmas that I probably won't get done, but ya know....I'm happy!

Ok, to be fair, I'm not giving myself enough credit - you would be amazed at what I DO accomplish in a 24 hour period...although most of it after Astrid goes to bed at night.

But, whenever I get overwhelmed with ALL the things that I should be doing I remind myself that the only thing I REALLY TRULY need to be doing is raising a daughter.

The only thing I WOULD change is Jeff's discontentment over all of the Christmas project clutter. Poor thing is still under the impression that I'm super woman!

Astrid is 6 months old today. We went to her appointment and it is difficult to believe that we ever worried about her weight that first week of her life when she lost over a pound! Currently she is "off the chart" for weight and growing fast!

Astrid posed with Skagit tonight with a dress her Auntie Genevieve made for her.


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