Monday, November 24, 2008

runnin' like the wind

Yesterday I dropped Astrid off at Lori's house so Jeff could get some sign work done, and I could take a solo trip up Sentinel and run around the back side...It was SO AWESOME and the conditions couldn't have been better! Beautiful big blue sky, a warm November day.

I feel like I absolutely flew up the mountain without the extra 20 lbs (Astrid + the backpack). I felt as light as a feather...

...and I ran down through the woods and out the fire road back to the car. It was so much fun. I felt so strong and free and peaceful...but there was something missing (or, should I say...someone)...(as you can see from the photo below...oh my gosh, I'm never going to be the same again!)

There was a group of mountain bikers on Crazy Canyon Road - a man and his three sons....the littlest one was on a tandem with him. It was so precious....I imagine that will be us in a few short years.

(notice my "HOULTON SHIRETOWNER" hat? I'm just so excited we will be in Houlton in two days!)

(can you see both dogs in each of the last three pictures? Sonny Boy and Skagit were the BEST companions...)

I was comforted through the woods to hear their tags clinking together, my feet pounding the trail in a deep earthy drumbeat, and the sound of my own breathing. All together this was quite a rhythym section.

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Anonymous said...

for the GAZILLIONTH time, Elizabeth, you inspire me! I feel the joy and the beauty and the freedom of your run up Sentinel!!! Have a safe journey back to Maine with your family....Happy Thanksgiving and I hope we get to see you and Jeff and Astrid before you head back home...:) Love, Sue