Wednesday, November 12, 2008

getting outside...rain....or shine...hanging onto the sunlight...

This week has been quite a soggy cold one, but it hasn't been able to keep us inside! Astrid and I have been on quite a few adventures this last week...

We got out with Sharon and Jessie - hiked up from the Crazy Canyon TH but I think we were out too long since Jessie and Astrid both took a while to get warmed up once we got home.

Friday night, after we dropped Jeff off at the airport (to go to Phoenix to drive a car we bought to replace Jeff's Tahoe) Astrid and I met Kathy downtown for the Art Walk. I borrowed an umbrella which I opened up downtown find it was broken, and the one that Kathy had in her car, was not much better, so we made due. I had to put Astrid's changing pad over her head between galleries! She remained warm and dry under her blanky...but I had more than one double take... It must have been the changing pad! It is funny what a gal can do in a pinch. - hey, it was the only waterproof thing in my car!Met up with Lisa on Saturday morning for a delicious breakfast at the Catalyst, and then three girls and four dogs hiked to the top of Mount Jumbo from the saddle. It was a beautiful day!
...and I even squeezed a road ride in with Monica last night! So much fun!! But the days are getting so short! eeeek!

(This is Astrid practicing the Thriller Dance...she's trying to get the "claw" move down...and trying to look scary for next year's day of the dead parade. She "thinks" she can pull off a Zombie look - and with a little makeup - she may be right!)

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