Monday, November 3, 2008

all souls day

Last night some of my bookclub honeys (and some other fun friends!) and I danced in the streets of Missoula for All Souls Day in the "Day of the Dead" Parade. We have been working on a routine for Thriller these last few weeks, and had been looking forward to it since May. It was nice to see it all come together with the costumes and the excitement from the crowd of folks lining Higgins Street in the heart of downtown ~ who, by the way came out in droves to celebrate and honor their dead loved ones, unaffected by the pouring rain. Yet another reminder of why Missoula is so special.

For some reason I had THE BEST TIME last night - freezing my butt off and dancing and splashing through puddles in the street with some silly girls and boys!

It's quite ironic that a "DEAD" parade would make me feel SO ALIVE!

Fellow Thriller Gal - Jen Bardsley - Is interviewed by KPAX! Check it out!

Our Dead Personas
Sharon Hood
My Dead Self.
This is Jonas Ehudin (you may not recognize him in costume!) - He followed the zombies down the street and played our THRILLER MUSIC! This guy is super cool! He operates a Bicycle Rickshaw Service in Missoula! Thanks Jonas ~ You rock!

Dead children riding in the rickshaw.
Kaden Bardsley
Zombie/Ghoul lovers Greg & Jessie Hood, and Jeff & Astrid Moore.
Astrid and Jeff had a great time downtown watching Mama dance in the street like a zombie!

Just before the parade we each dedicated our performance to a loved one who has passed on. I dedicated the day to Dad, and my Uncle Gerald.

It was actually SO MUCH FUN to celebrate something that, at times, can be a difficult subject ~ death. I think The Dead would be proud of the town of Missoula and everyone who came out. Thanks Missoula!

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