Wednesday, October 15, 2008

wild moon risin'

I dusted my mountain bike off this afternoon...pumped up her tires......located an extra tube and pump...dug my camelbak out of the closet...some warm helmet...and I was ready for my FIRST Mountain Bike Ride of the season - in MID October! I KNOW!! - It is unbelievable! This never happens - I'm usually ready for some event I have been training for! But this summer I told myself that I wasn't even going to attempt to mountain bike this season due to the arrival of Astrid. It is my FAVORITE sport, but it requires more time than any other sport (since you get back in the woods and just don't want to stop!).
Tonight I went on a ride with a couple of great gals in my life - Monica and Jen! We got a later start than we originally wanted to but decided it was perfect timing because the moon (The Hunter's Moon - BIG and orange and beautiful) was rising as we began our descent on Blue Mountain.

I snapped a pic as we turned around to head back dooooooowwwwn to the trailhead: I couldn't have picked a more beautiful night, or better company for my first mtb ride of the season.
It was exhilirating being out there with a couple of my girlfriends at this chilly time of year!.. It felt like a little micro-adventure - hootin' and hollerin' our way down the trail like a bunch of silly wild women in the night!


Meagan said...

This looks like the perfect ride with some best girls! I am happy you are out enjoying the air. I too took some time off from my normal activities to be with Ava, it is a treat to sneak out and play isn't it?!? I am happy you liked my Missoula post-you inspired me to think about Montana again! I hope all is okay with you guys, I was scared to hear about the car accident-my heart ached for you to find Astrid in her car seat with glass-so happy all are okay!

Summer Nicklasson said...

A full moon ride sounds wonderful!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have to say, I was wondering when you were going to stop in and read about my little peanut. I almost sent you an email to say, "Hey Liz, READ MY BLOG!". But I knew you'd hit if eventually. :)

I sure hope my little baby comes out as perfect as Astrid. You and Jeff are very lucky.