Friday, October 10, 2008

i will always be a mama

This week I was able to get out on a road ride with my friend Monica, and as our ride was nearing the end I yelled to her, over the wind whipping past our heads, "I feel like a girl again!!!" I don't really know why it came out like that....but there is something about being on your bike with the wind in your face, and although it was a short ride (roughly 20-21 miles), there was a sense of accomplishment about it. I was with a girlfriend, riding my bike!!!!!

There is a freedom I find on my bike (more than other modes of exercise) I find SO elating. For the last (almost) four months I have been a mother, and these little bits of freedom are a glimpse into my pre-Astrid life. I know that I will be able to get away more and more as time goes on, but for now, I don't pine for this old life...I embrace my new one. One that I will have forever and ever. I would actually like to freeze time, right now, if it were possible, Astrid is at the sweetest stage EVER right now!

This morning I caught her (while she was sleeping) in an all out belly laugh. I wonder why she doesn't laugh very much in her awake life yet?...probably because she's too busy smiling!

Here is my perspective on some recent hikes with my gals:

And these are some I took last weekend - of our favorite subject - Astrilita!

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Meagan said...

Oh Elizabeth! I love how you worded that you felt like a girl again! I so feel that way only a few times every now and then. Mostly I feel like the new me, as a mother, but occasionally I miss that girl I was, she calls to me every now and again and I feel almost guilty for wanting to hear what she has to say, you know?!? I know what you mean, that flicker of your former self. I feel that way when I ride my bike too-maybe it is from the wind in your face and the physical freedom, from the baby, nursing, diapers, head supporting...temperature moderation, pumping, car seat hauling...though I miss the tether when I am not with Ava! It is bittersweet isn't is?!?
I saw your sister at the grocery last night and little Ella-I am so excited for you girls to all get to squeeze each other soon!