Monday, October 13, 2008

feeling so lucky

Yesterday on the way home from the lake we got in a car accident that totaled Jeff's car. We were on Highway 200 on the way home from the lake. I was reading the paper as Jeff drove in the first snow of the season. Astrid and Skag were sleeping in the back. All of a sudden Jeff says something like "Oh NO!" and I looked up from the paper to see a car careening out of control directly toward us. There was no time to react and it seemed like a dream. Jeff was able to keep the Tahoe in control (somewhat) to keep it from going off the road, and to keep it from spinning around or upside down! I just kept praying that we wouldn't turn upside down.

The impact blew out the windows on the driver's side, and totally destroyed a tire and front wheel. When we came to a stop Jeff and I both flew out our doors to check on Astrid in the back seat. By the time we got to her we saw the biggest tears welling up in the most frightened (HUGE) looking eyes. She had glass on her chubby cheeks and on her little pink blanket. After about 2 minutes she stopped crying and started smiling again....which was a very good sign. It was just so surreal to see your (not quite) 4 month old baby surrounded by such dangerous things!

Skagit was totally silent after the impact and I was immediately worried about her - but she was just fine, too.

When I took Astrid out of her car seat I realized just how badly I was trembling....about what 'could have been'. We are so thankful...and just for safety we took Astrid into the ER last night to get her checked out.

Skagit is snuggled in our friend's the Bordner's "rescue vehicle".

Astrid is happy as can be with Wilson on the way home.
We took some pictures of our weekend at the lake. This is us snuggled up in bed in the living room Saturday morning. A chilly morning...
Astrid and I are standing by the afternoon fire Dad started to burn some brush. She is mezmerized by the fire...I am mezmerized by Astrid.
We love her every roll!
Astrid is seeing her 1st snowfall (just before another 1st - 1st Crash)
She fell asleep like this just as we were leaving the our final ride in the Tahoe. I love it when she falls asleep with a smile on her face - I'm so lucky!


Summer Nicklasson said...

Oh my God, I'm so glad you are all okay!

Angel said...

Me too! Love you Moore's!!

Art said...

Wow, my email subscription short didn't sound good. I was so relieved upon reading the post to discover the whole story and find out everything was ok. Good thing you had the Tahoe and not something smaller!

I'm sure it scared you so much when it happened - I doubt you completely described the depth. So glad everyone is alright.

That's quite the belly there.

Regi said...

Wow hon...What a scary thing and I am so very glad you are all ok!