Friday, October 17, 2008

can we really put a price tag on a family member?

Yesterday Skagit got her yearly shots - There are three this year....Rabies, Bordatella, and Distemper Parvo....she had a SEVERE reation to one or all of the shots. She got hives over her entire body and she couldn't keep anything down. She actually started vomitting blood when we got to the clinic. She was SO COLD and her circulation was terrible. Her body was starting to shut down.

We ended up at the Emergency Vet Clinic. I'm always amazed by the differences in the way that pets are treated compared to humans. For example (check Skagit out in the photo above...) She was laying in the corner like this with her little head bowed, feeling like crap, while the Vet talllied up what a night's stay at the clinic for observation and treatment including IV and medication would cost... If she had been a human she would have been rushed into the ER, whether she had insurance or not, to be saved, no questions asked.

In the moments we were waiting for the Vet to come back into the room I had a good cry thinking about how much Skagit depends on me and my decisions. Her whole life is in my hands, her happiness, and her food choices, just everything....and I also realized how much she brings to my life. She has been the best most patient girl ever, since Astrid arrived. She still follows me around all the time...and I have to say I missed her little claws clicking on the hardwood floors when she was gone overnight. She is such a part of the family.

So, when the Vet came back into the room with a 'quote' of $273 it seemed like such a crazy scene...Skag cowered in the corner - waiting for my decision. (by the way, for all you Vets out there - I totally realize why you have to give the quote - I mean, come on, you don't always get someone who can pay, and I know you can't do the work for free). Well, the decision was a no-brainer... They got her on the IV and settled into a kennel in the back to observe her and medicate as needed. I called almost every hour that evening to make sure that she was improving...

She still isn't back to her normal playful self- but she is a lot better than she was that night. I bet once we get out onto the trail she'll be just fine!


Art said...

Gosh, always something! Too bad you don't know which shot crated the problem. Now what next year?

Poor Dog!

Angel said...

Poor Skag...I had no idea. How is she doing now?? I hope she is feeling better!! We are going to have to get together to do some catching up!!