Tuesday, October 14, 2008

blue mountain vista

My friend Larry came to town to stay with us for a night while he was here in Montana for business and last evening we went out for one of my favorite Blue Mountain hikes. The hike (near the top) goes through the burn area which is filled with charred black trees in stark contrast to the colorful fall underbrush and the blues and greys and greens of the sky and valley below. It is so gorgeous. During this hike I think my soul grew a size.

Larry is a friend I met while racing in Primal Quest 2006. He was on another team that we saw frequently throughout the race and at times we'd find ourselves marching through the night trying to find that next checkpoint together as a group.

This year Larry competed in the Wasatch 100 Endurance Race and took 5th.....so we decided maybe he should carry Astrid on the way up to slow him down a little.

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