Thursday, October 2, 2008

Astrid's new backpack...and an update

Yesterday Astrid, Skagit and I went out on a shady trail to try her out in a backpack that we borrowed from our friends Dan and Angel. On the tag inside it said not to use the backpack until your child can 'sit up' unassisted. Well, Astrid is not sitting up on her own, so I was a little worried at first....feeling like I'm rushing her along to grow into this thing...I DON'T want to rush her growing up, I want her to stay in this stage forever... she is so much fun.
We chose a hike up Blue Mountain since it is shaded and more interesting for Astrid to look up at the trees, etc....I brought a mirror that I keep in the car (so I can see what she is up to in the back seat from time to time) so that I could keep an eye on her. She seemed fine to me!

I am not sure if I'm done with the Baby Bjorn forever, but since Astrid is over 15 lbs, now, it was time to think of another alternative. She is getting big to carry on the front for long hikes up Sentinel...I'm a sweaty wreck by the time I'm at the top with the body heat! The backpack is awesome!

This past week has been really nice I was able to get out on a road ride on Tuesday night. It felt so good to have the open road in front of me, and the wind in my face!

Other updates: This past weekend we went over to Western Washington to visit Grandma & Grandpa Moore and some friends. Jeff had a little gathering of some of his classmates at a local Lynnwood restaurant. It wasn't an official reunion but 30-35 people showed up. We left Astrilita for the night with Grandma and Grandpa and from what it sounds they had a great time watching her.

Skagit got to see her Mama (Ebony) and her sister (Faith). I also got a glimpse of her brother (Duke - the handsome yellow lab in the pics) who lives across the street from Ebony and Faith's house (The Waldens' place).

We got a chance to see the Davis family, too. Scott cooked the best salmon ever on the grill for us! Zoe (the family bird) was a hit with Astrid!

On our way home on Sunday we stopped in Snowqualmie to see the Kampschors, too! It was a busy trip, but Astrid was a dream to travel with, which was a blessing.

Here are some pics from our trip:

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Angel said...

Finally an update! I have been waiting all week! Glad to see the backpack worked out so well! Astrid looks like she's loving it just as much as MOM! = ) Wils and I are headed to Anaconda after work, so have a wonderful weekend!!