Thursday, September 18, 2008

our dolly laughs out loud & naughty lab strikes again!

Jeff wanted me to post this message today. This morning while I was out running with Skagit - he was watching Astrid sleep... When I got home he reported that Astrid had a huge belly laugh while she was sleeping... He was so happy that he was witness to this special occasion!

(this is Astrid dressed for Aurora's birthday party this past Sunday!)....she has to wear the summer dresses while she can!

This was the third attempt with Skagit (running) on leash. She is a trail dog and usually is not on leash so it has been a little trying to say the least. This morning we tried a gentle leader. It worked the best of all the things we have tried so far (prong collar was too big, loose and scary, extender leash doesn't help 'train' her any better, and her regular leash is a shoulder surgery waiting to happen!). I'll give you a report as time wears on. My hope is that I can go running with Skagit in the mornings on the streets around my neighborhood through the winer since it is too dark in the mornings (too dark for Blue Mountain, and too far to drive to Sentinel when time is of the essence - while Astrid is asleep and Jeff hasn't left for work yet!)...... We will, however, continue to climb Mount Sentinel - especially when Astrid can go into a backpack, I just want to make sure Skagit and I get some exercise early (before she gets her breakfast).

Jeff thinks I'm crazy worrying so much about Skagit' happiness and if she gets her daily exercise. There are tons of dogs out there (especially Labrador Retrievers) that turn into lethargic chubsters in adulthood because they don't get daily exercise and I don't want Skagit to become one of them. I want her to lead a long healthy happy life, and there's no reason she can't since she's mine (and I'm a active person!). We are going through some growing pains right now, though. Trying to find a balance is the key. We'll persevere.

Since Skagit has been so good about not chewing Astrid's toys/teddys/etc, I gave her a tiny pink teddy out of Astrid's lasted less than 5 minutes and she had the face torn off. Come on, Skag!

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Summer Nicklasson said...

Running with your dog on leash can be tricky. Jackie Brown is a big ol girl that powers ahead as fast as she can. It's been a constant struggle, but the gentle leader has proven to really be the best option. I just consider my runs to be full body workouts now. Sure I'm working out my legs, but now I've got some real bicep action to go with it!