Thursday, September 18, 2008

ok - I get it, I'm completely obsessed with my baby

I take about a million photographs of Astrid each day and I still feel like I could take more! I have become one of those Moms that I never thought I would become... Well, here it is in full color! Astrid is my new muse and she is a perfect subject...she doesn't complain like Jeff does when I bust out the camera!

I am planning on getting some fabric at Joann Fabric soon in order to set up a makeshift photo studio in the guest room to take more "artful" shots instead of all these snapshots, but until then, here are some more:

(Astrid at Dad's office with her "work" face on...lets get down to business Dad. What kind of problems are you having? - but REALLLLLLLY how serious can she be taken with the punk rock hairdo?)

Yesterday Astrid and I went to Dad's office to help him with his office machine and she also brought a framed photo of herself for his desk! This is the one she chose:

Oh my gosh - I know this is off the subject (but this thought came up by looking at this photo...)- I'm SOOOOOO looking forward to showing Astrid THE WORLD!

(Happy Birthday, Addison!)


Art said...

Nice fauxhawk!

I've seen this before - dogs, once beloved, suddenly disappear. Often the first kid gets an awesome, tripped out baby book, the last one doesn't even have a baby picture. I'd have to admit she is a cute booger though so you're none to blame.

Summer Nicklasson said...

Oh my, she is quite the little cutie!

Meagan said...

Hi Elizabeth! It is Meagan here, Katie and Frank's friend. I saw your blog through Katie's and I have been dying to see that sweet daughter of yours! She is perfect and I totally know what you mean about being obsessed with your baby-isn't this the most succulent, delicious, scrumptious time?!? My daughter is almost a year old now and when I see pictures of little Astrid, it makes me yearn for that tinier time of infancy. It just keeps getting better and you just keep falling more in love! I am so happy for you both, you and your new family look wonderful! Take care!