Monday, September 8, 2008

Astrid's first adventure out of Montana

Last Wednesday Jeff, Astrid and I went to California for a trip that we had been invited to go for the last couple years by our friends Mike, Steve and Shirley. I had made the arrangements while I was pregnant with Astrid and made a point to keep it on the books to see how it would be to travel with a little one.

Jeff and I have really gotten into Griz football since buying our season tickets several years ago, and the main purpose of the trip was to go see the first Griz Football game of the season in San Luis Obispo at Cal Poly! THE GRIZ WON - despite the odds of beating a team that had beat a division 1 team the weekend before! It was awesome!! Of course, I only could see so much of the game while busy with Astrid...but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. We were going to leave at half time...then in the 3rd quarter...then the 4th - but the game was so close we just couldn't pull ourselves away...and we are glad we didn't since J & A & I watched from the Griz endzone dodging frisbees and kids wrestling - nursing Astrid on the lawn to see the final winning score! It was worth it!

Our trip started at about 4 in the morning on Wednesday...when the alarm went off to get out of bed. It was tough to get everything and Astrid out the door but we made it without any trouble onto the plane.

We had no trouble on any of the plane rides going or returning to Missoula last night - just nursed while taking off and landing and it worked like a charm.

We flew into San Francisco and were there for just one night... Stayed at Hotel Drisco which was awesome! If I was my pre-child Elizabeth I would have met up with my friends in San Fran - Ken, Brandon, etc, but we only had a chance to see one friend, Chris, who also was able to take us back to the airport to get a rental car. Here's Christopher with little Astrid:

We took Highway 1 from San Fran down to San Luis Obispo on Thursday and stopped to have a late lunch at this place called Rocky Point. Jeff, Ryan, Mike, Shirley, Steve, Astrid, and Ebeth:
I had to put on a little theater show (with frog and duck) for Astrid near San Luis as she was getting tired of the curvy highway and being in the car seat for so long!:

We stayed at the Apple Farm Inn in SLO and had breakfast with Steve and Shirley that first morning (Friday). The Apple Farm Inn was really a nice place to stay (very homey) but it sort of reminded me of a nursing home with all the knickknacky stuff in the hallways on the way to our room. I describe the place as "country on steroids". I have never seen so much "country" themed stuff in my life.
Uncle Leo's first peek at Astrid

Our tour of Zenaida Winery in Paso Robles:
Erik Ogorsolka, the owner of the winery gave us the tour. Here is where the grapes ferment:
We did some barrel tasting!

Of course we had to pose with Astrid

Everyone wants to pose with little Astrid - the littlest girl on the trip:
Then we went to our favorite winery: Linne Calodo. I thought this was a funny shot - check out Astrid's mouth.
Sometimes we had to entertain her a little:
This is the "real" pose with the Linne Calodo Sign. Linne Calodo makes our favorite wine called "Problem Child". Steve and Mike turned us onto it. If you get a chance you will have to check it out. I LOVE their logo which looks like the female reproductive organs. As a new mom I find it especially appealing. It is the symbol for the tree of life.
Here are the characters of the trip! - Jeff (top and clockwise from him), little Astrid (on the ground in her carseat), Mike, Matt, Ryan, Lisa, Shirley, Steve, & Leonard (joining us for a day). Steve, Shirley, Lisa and Matt made a trip to Trader Joe's for some crackers and cheese and other goodies and we camped out at the winery and had a little picnic.

Our friends Leonard and Julie who live 20 minutes away in neighboring Los Osos showed us around while we were in town. Leonard was Jeff's first roomate in college at Western Washington.We met Kenyan - Julie and Leonard's son.
This is in Leo and Julie's backyard!

At the Griz tailgate with Astrilita - hanging out in the shade.Grabbing a nap before the game begins.
Astrid is sporting her Griz Tattoo (we wore matching ones)!

The Griz section. I'm not sure how many fans we had there but it felt like 1/4 of the stadium was GRIZ!
Late in the 3rd and 4th quarters we were just trying to keep little Astrid happy so we could stay to watch the end of the game. We had originally thought the game would start at 1:05 pm like they usually do but this one started at 6:05 instead (and by 7 - 8pm Astrid was turning into a pumpkin who only wanted to nurse nurse nurse the rest of the night)...

All played out on the way home to Missoula:
Astrid after a fresh bath - home sweet home, again.

The trip was a total success! Astrid was a trooper, (oh, and Mom was a trooper!) and Jeff and I enjoyed our time with friends we don't often get a chance to spend time with. Another aside: In San Francisco the girls went shopping and Astrid made out way better than her mother!...I didn't buy anything for myself at Macy's - instead Astrid is all set for next summer with the cutest outfits ever! Including two bathing suits!

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