Tuesday, August 26, 2008

can't wipe the "happy" off my face!

Since Friday last week I have been trying to get my butt out of bed to get on a schedule of running with Skagit before the day begins, and before Jeff heads to work... Needless to say it hasn't worked very well since we get up in the middle of the night (usually one time for a variable amount of time) and then again at about 6am when I'm trying to get out the door.

Anyway, yesterday when Jeff got home around 5pm, Skagit and I made a break for it while Astrid had a full tummy and was settling in for some quality Dad time.

I was gone for 1 hour and 1 minute door to door, but let me tell ya it was the best run I have had in years! I haven't been on the trail without Astrid since I became pregnant with her last October...and it was really weird at first...with such a light load! I flew (not ran) up the trail!

We went to Blue Mountain trailhead since it is a 5 minute drive from my house...if I really step on the gas.... Skagit and I ran up the main trail to the Forest Service gate and back. I figured I would have to stop several times since the trail is a steady climb without any breaks, but even in the 80 degree weather I ran steadily the whole way. To me it felt like a run of Olympic proportions - of course the Olympians wouldn't think so... Half way up I even ripped my shirt off Brandy Chastain style!

During my run I realized this was a piece that has been missing from my life, and that I can't live without....I need my drug of choice - adrenaline. Jeff and I are working hard to make sure we both get to still do the things that we love and get a little time to ourselves during the week. This is the start of our new life of juggling. Everyone needs a little time to feel balanced and to get themselves centered and to be alone in their thoughts, no matter how much we love our children.

And Skagit needs it, too!

I hope you went out and did something just for YOU today...

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