Thursday, August 28, 2008

Astrid's Grandparents come for a visit

Over the past couple weeks we have had some very special guests staying with us...

Our friend Scott Davis (fellow Curly Fry - a motorcycle club we founded in 2004) came over for a couple of nights during the week just before the Grandparents came in...we went up to the lake and Scott said that Astrid kept imitating him sticking out his tongue! We had lots of fun with Scooter and We didn't want him to leave.

A week after Scott left Jeff's folks came to visit, then they overlapped Mom's visit by one night so that we could all have dinner together since they hadn't seen each other since our wedding 5 years ago. Grandma Diane and Grandpa Lee couldn't have showed up at a better time, since Jeff left the company he was with and started his own Commerical Real Estate firm with a partner. His new company is called Crowley Moore Commerical PLLC. They were able to be here to help with Astrid so I could help Jeff get his computer files moved over to his new computer. They really enjoyed their time with all of us. Both grandparents had some quality bonding time with Astrid (their youngest grandchild) while they were here. Grandma Diane tried to help me pick out a new couch, too.....which I still don't have, by the way!

My Mom (Gram Astrid) came in and we had a few fun things planned...hanging out with the neighbors Dan and Angel and family, lunch with Keri, the Farmer's Market, spending the night at Kathy's lake place for a night, Dinner with the Kosenas, Out to Lunch at Caras Park, and more. Mom's visit was much different than past pre-Astrid visits (where we were on a different trail each day). We were on-the-go...but just not so much on the trails. The days were hot, and getting up early to go for a cooler hike seemed like too much of a task. This trip was just what it needed to be - a bonding time for Gram Astrid and Astrid....and some great conversations and times with my Mom. Next year I'm sure the visit will also be a lot different, but hopefully Astrid will be mobile enough to go find some wildflowers with us.

Here are some pictures from all the visits:

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