Sunday, July 20, 2008

the week in pictures

OK, one of these days I'll actually write something worthy, but until I get a little more time I'll just post some more images of my favorite subjects - Astrid and Skagit.

Astrid got to meet her first relatives this week! Aunt Kelli and Uncle Rick (Jeff's brother) were in town to see Astrid and also for the Member Guest golf tournament which is a yearly tradition for the brothers. They took second place in their flight! Congratulations!

This is what we did this past week:

Astrid, Skagit and I went up to Kathy's lake place on Monday afternoon for the night ~ for a little R&R. It was heavenly... and I think Skagit would agree:

beautiful girl
seeing double

Me and my girls at Kathy's for a slumber party...
This was taken on July 15th! Astrid's 1 month photo!
Astrid's Auntie and Uncle come for a visit!

We went out to sushi on Friday night!

Aunt Kelli connecting with Astrid
Uncle Rick and Astrid making funny faces at each other at Sushi Hana

Up at the lake this weekend
a little "tummy time"

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Angel said...

OMG...she is growing before my eyes...I can't believe how big she is getting...we seriously need to see more of each other!!