Monday, July 7, 2008

my new shadow

This morning while me and my girls were hiking up Blue Mountain.....I came across my new shadow... What do you think?

Skagit herself was overjoyed to be outside! she is among the morning glories!
I also found a cool wildflower that I have never identified before and I have no idea what it is? Do you? It is sort of like a cow parsnip type flower - crossed with a pin cushion flower.... it is about a foot tall.

We saw a couple more creatures enjoying the morning, too!

I thought this yarrow looked so nice with the blanketflower in the background...

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Summer Nicklasson said...

Well yes, since you're asking, I love your little shadow(s). It is quite fitting to you actually.

About your morning glories comment, are you sure those are morning glories and not bind weed? I ask only because this landscaper knowledge-y lady told me I had tons of bind weed all over my front yard and I had to get rid of it immediately. The flowers looked just like those little white ones. It's a virulent little weed I tell you. It suffocates all the other life around it. I took it out but I know it will return!

(Check out today's blog. I have a question for you.)