Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its funny what a little fresh air 'll do!

Astrid, Skagit & I joined Kathy and Jetta up Mount Sentinel this morning... and it was the best thing!

We didn't go the whole way up - for fear Miss Astrid would have a meltdown near the top and we would be trapped... But we went only as far as the birdhouse.

Here are some pics from Astrid's first hiking adventure (out of the womb)...I wish we had gone earlier - but I have been worried about the mosquitoes that have plagued us this spring/summer so far with the area rivers receding.

My perspective looking down at Astrid:

Showy Daisies:
Three very happy girls:

It was a morning well spent. It was nice to catch up with Kathy, and to see what wildflowers have bloomed since we were last on the hill a little over two weeks ago.

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