Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a happy day and a sad day on my Mount Sentinel

This morning the girls and I went up Sentinel with Kathy and Jetta- this time we made it as far as where the suicide trail comes in.

Astrid thought she was really big when she got to tag the trail marker...I forgot my camera...but there are a few wildflowers on our hike that might not be there in the morning...

A fire started at the base of Sentinel this evening at about 7 pm.... I took a picture on my way over to my friend Goody's house for bookclub... and I took one on the way home about 2 1/2 hours later ... It was very emotional on the way back home this evening...since Dad's Ponderosa Pine trees may be burned by morning... Apparently our slury bombers are in California fighting the fires there, instead of protecting our own community. The start of the fire is still under investigation.

The right hump is the peak we always climb to...and it is where Dad's trees were last seen just before Astrid was born. I was hoping to get up there tomorrow was a plan Kathy and I had already made and we were looking forward to. I imagine Sentinel will be closed down for awhile now.


Art said...

I think the Ponderosas will be fine. Their bark is a fire retardant and fires like this are actually good (although, not pretty). I am sorry to see your mountain burn...but the trees will be fine!

Summer Nicklasson said...

Oh dear, this is bad...I hope they get it under control...I know how important Sentinel is to your daily life!

I remember the hike up Sentinel you took us on when Jamieson and I were driving through. It was so beautiful; definitely made me appreciate Montana.

Can't wait to see more pictures of your little girl!