Monday, July 28, 2008

first camping experience with Astrid

(by the look on Astrid's face - I'd say she likes camping!)
This weekend we went to John and Kathy's lake place at Flathead for their annual gathering of friends. Friday is Manly Day and Estrogen Day at the lake, then Saturday everyone is invited for a bbq with John's Brats (I, of course don't eat the brats but have tons of the salads that people bring.). I make my Sweet and Spicy Black Bean Salad each year.

Jeff and Astrid and I had a lot of fun.... Skagit and her sister Jetta stayed at Prairie Home Boarding Kennels for a couple of nights together...but spent the day on Sunday with us chasing each other and fetching sticks in the water.

OK - so as far as the "camping" experience with Astrid... It was not real "camping" as I define it - but rather a totally poshed out bedroom in a tent! It was awesome! Dan and Angel let us borrow their big tent, and we blew up our queen sized blow-up mattress, and brought the bedding from our bed at home so that Astrid would be super comfy (and us, too!). She slept really well and just like at home, we only had to get up with her once during the night to nurse. It was a great weekend!

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Summer Nicklasson said...

You're little mini-me is awfully cute!!!