Friday, June 6, 2008

stopping to smell the flowers....or to photograph them, atleast...

This morning Skag, Sonny and I went to Blue Mountain Recreation Area. Since it was still pretty early and there was a very cool cloud above Sentinel...when viewed from across the valley it made for some beautiful morning light... (Skag looking particularly beautiful and shiny)

(This is called a "Little Sunflower". Doesn't she look like she is reaching her little leaf arms up ~ stretching toward the sky?)

(This is "Field Chickweed")

(...a perfect specimen of deeeeeeep purple "Larkspur")

(AND the "Wild Hyacinth" was all over the hillside this morning, too!)

I wanted to show you a project that Jeff has been working on with Wilson up at his shop (although he should have been doing some work around here! just kidding!!) But we got these half logs up at our friend Jason's property last November when we were cutting firewood to clear some of his dead trees...and I remember distinctly Jeff not liking my idea of making the benches....but I MUST SAY they sure did turn out nice! He has four of the six done (as you can see)...and we just need to get a tree at the lake to make more eight more legs to finish the project. They will be VERY cozy up around the fire ring at the lake.

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Summer Nicklasson said...

Hey Preggers! Nice flowers!
I can't believe you're about to pop out your little tater tot...I am so excited for you!