Sunday, June 29, 2008

PRIMAL QUEST - to just plain PRIMAL!...childbirth and everything after...

Hey there, folks! Right now there 56 teams of 4 out on a 450-500 mile adventure race in the Big Sky, Montana area called PRIMAL QUEST... This year the race is without atleast one of the racers from last time - ME!

I wondered how I would feel when the time came for this race to begin....since it is taking place here in the state I live in and I am obviously in no position to be racing! At this point, I thought I would still be pregnant....but I have a 14-day old babe on my lap as I write this.

The news is that I feel that I am missing out on NOTHING as far as the race goes. I'm right where I need to be as my daughter starts her LIFE - sweet wonderful LIFE!!!

For the last 14 days I feel like Jeff and I have been on our own adventure race of sorts....although the disciplines look a little different than an adventure race: the false labor contractions last Saturday in the wee hours of the morning, the very REAL labor contractions Sunday morning (Father's Day), the 'au naturale' delivery of Astrid less than three hours after arriving at the hospital (which, by the way, was more painful than any adventure race I have ever done - but it had a reward at the end that was better than any race I have ever participated in! And there was a prize for the support crew, too - Jeff!), the excitement of all of Astrid's firsts (first bath, first sneeze, first smile, etc), all the visits welcoming Astrid to the world! (we sure feel loved although all the visiting has made us weary),...the breastfeeding challenges, the crotch "ring of fire" healing from birth - worse than riding on any kind of bike seat, and much much more...

Anyway, I can't help but think about how different I feel this time around (as far as PQ)...I'm no longer a worry-free childless Elizabeth. I am a mother. And I have already realized - that it is the MOST IMPORTANT job I will ever have for the rest of my life.

BUT - with this said - I do hope to get back on the AR scene - once we get some semblance of an idea of what the heck we are doing in the parenting department....maybe a year? We'll have to see what happens!

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