Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pepcid Complete - I think I love you!

On Monday my Doc said that I could go into labor and we could have a baby any time now! Holy moly!... This week, with that reality setting in, I got the baby's room in better order. Jeff painted it last week, and we got the crib yesterday...

I'm laughing so hard I almost pee my pants (notice the nearly crossed legs)...beacause Skagit was not quite cooperating with our plans... and Jeff and I were getting a kick out of her. We wanted her to sit at 'attention' like a Norman Rockwell painting, or something - but instead she preferred to lay down on the rug.
Skagit and I go in to check out Baby Moore's room every time we go down the hallway... and last night we came in here to say goodnight to the little room... (I know that she thinks I'm weird - but fortunately she doesn't speak ~... but, I can see it in her eyes.)
(that blue crab in the crib from my friend Tami and the bunny perched on the top made by Genevieve are Skagit's favorites ~ I have to keep them well out of reach since I have found them in her mouth at one time or another!)

Thanks to Kathy and Lori (who threw a shower for me this past Sunday) and Keri and Holli who had one a couple weeks ago...and all my amazing girlfriends...the room is ready to be filled with the shower gifts that Baby Moore received.

And now on to the not so pleasant gifts of pregnancy: ACID REFLUX. Of all the pregnancy woes (I have not had many, I have been extremely lucky) the worst is acid reflux which has plagued me (more and more frequently) over the past four weeks or so.... I had been taking Tums tums and more TUMS!- but honestly, it hasn't seemed to work very well - so, last night Jeff ran into the store for me and bought a bottle of what is now my favorite weapon in the arsenol for combatting acid reflux! Pepcid Complete!

What's up with Skag? This week instead of waking us up at 6am every morning with her crying, she has been pretty mellow in her crate. I wonder if she senses that it is time to grow up now that a baby is coming or maybe that I could use a few extra zzzzs lately, or what? I'm not sure - but I sort of like it....knock on wood or she'll be up with the chickens tomorrow!

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