Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My baby belly is on its way to being gone...and that is sort of sad

...but we have something BETTER! Her name is Astrid Campbell... Do I sound smitten!?

We just love our little bundle of love!

(I had to take two more pictures for the belly slideshow - 38 weeks...and three days after delivery)... It is nice to be back in my old jeans!!

One other subject of Note: SKAGIT

She is dealing as best she can with her new role of responsibility. She has grown up SO MUCH in the last two days while Astrid has been home and I feel like my little puppy is is very sad, in a way. She is so incredible - she knew when I was in labor on Sunday morning....she just KNEW - she kept vigil - looking deeply concerned at me when she knew I was in pain. We are all trying to figure out where we fit in our new world here at the Moore household.

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Angel said...

Before you know it, everything and everyone will know his/her place and it will seem like life was always as it is...You will think back and say how did we ever live without all of this is truely wonderful!