Monday, June 9, 2008

eating fresh local food.....mmm mmmm good!

On Saturday morning I met up with Keri, Danielle, and sons at the local Farmer's Market. I had one thing on my list to get... Morel Mushrooms. Of course I ended up with way more than I set out for - but that is the fun of going to market!
Last night I treated Jeff to an actual dinner - complete with homemade apple pie for dessert (I have SO NOT been into being Suzy Homemaker lately - what am I talking about - I don't usually feel like cooking that much unless I can get excited about a certain recipe - but during this pregnancy - I have been so uninspired!)
We had Morel Fettuccine Alfredo with garlic chives, a fresh salad that Jeff made, and La Petit Foccicia Bread (my fave)! Oh my gosh, it was delish! I washed the morels well and sauteed them in butter with some yellow onion and garlic chives....then I drained the extra water...and added the Alfredo sauce to the reduced mushrooms.

I made plenty of everything so we have enough to share with friends who just came home from the hospital with their new baby, today....


Art said...

Love those Morels! Over the last few years they've taken to coming up in the garden. That looks awesome - did you have a big enough belly to fit it in?

Summer Nicklasson said...

Jealous! Mike hates mushrooms (I know, I know) so we really don't ever cook with them. That looks soooo yummy!

Hey I think Mike and I may make a trip up to Yellowstone or Glacier (haven't decided) in August. Maybe we could pop in and see you and your new little one!