Friday, June 13, 2008

cool sky

ok, I couldn't stand it any longer - human or no human with me I HAD to go up Sentinel this morning... It was a matter of the soul - and I was feeling great! I only went up to where the Suicide Trail meets the main trail (about 2/3 of the way to the very top). With a sky like this (after the snow we've been having!!) could ya blame me? Feeling "On top of the World"! Happy dog:Yarrow is starting to show up, now: AND this is the first blue penstemon I have seen this year:
This sort of looks like Jacob's Ladder or Blue Flax...but it doesn't quite fit the description. Can anyone identify it for me? I think it is cool that there is a bug inside (I can't think of a more beautiful place to die....cradled in a flower):
AND of course, blanketflower!
And Death Camas is everywhere....
That's it for the Mount Sentinel wildflower report, this morning! Looks like the cold weather and snow couldn't keep the wildflowers down...

By the way - this pregnancy has been VERY VERY good for photographing the wildflowers this spring....instead of charging up the mountain as fast as my legs can physically take me (and checking them out on the way down) I can actually enjoy the flowers a little more....and I take my time a little more than I'm used's been a nice break from the usual.

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Art said...

I think that is Penstemon