Thursday, May 22, 2008

photos from long ago

Mom just scanned in these images this week and sent them to us...she must have been digging around in the old photo trunk. As she says ~ it is a dangerous place to start digging if you are there by yourself...too many memories.

The reason she sent the black and whites is because she still has Dad's old pack basket (you will see it in the pics). It has a chunk taken out of it since these photos were taken.... I can't remember the whole story but I know that a bear got into his pack! Mom has it on display in the library...

Dad is the one in the back on the left:
I think that is Grampy Obed setting up something in the tent.
This was taken down at the Smith camp on Grand Lake. Dad is on the front steps.
This one was taken in the summer of 1973 (Mom was pregnant with me), and Genevieve was 6 mo old. Genevieve is surrounded by cousins Kim and Chris.
Another one of the same three characters, taken at Gram and Gramp's house.

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