Friday, May 30, 2008

A perfect start to the day...

This morning I had someone to join me on the hike to the top of Sentinel! Kathy got back from her trip to Norway this week - so she and Jetta came with us. In looking at these pictures (and all the photos I added to the wildflower slideshow!) I am so happy that we got to the top. The flowers are so much more vibrant and in full force up there!...and I was able to hug my trees at the top.

Skagit is crouching behind some Arrowleaf Balsamroot waiting for us... Near the top ...
A look down the ridge as a cloud passes over real low.
What kind of plant is this? It looks like a yummy treat for a deer?
The girls find something near the rock that gets their noses working overtime.
The last pull to the top...
On the way down I had to snap a pic of Kathy and the girls.
When we got back to the car I called for Skagit to "Kennel Up" and I ended up getting TWO sisters in the kennel!

What a perfect way to start my day!

Have a great weekend!

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