Thursday, May 15, 2008

My favorite days are days spent with family...

My shenanigans the night before I flew to Maine (Bookclub) had kept me up until well after midnight ... and in the wee hours of Thursday morning I was feeling that tell tale scratchiness in my throat - like I could come down with something...uh oh! Not a good thing when flying all day...

(I have another whole story about the flights to Maine and my growing irritations with our Airlines, but that will have to wait...I started writing and realized I'm totally going off on a tangent!)

Anyway, after I arrived in Maine three hours late at around 10:30pm - I convinced Genevieve to stop by Amato's (my favorite sub shop in the world - even in my non-pregnant state I crave these sandwiches!). I just can't believe they were open so was perfect and well worth waiting for!

The weekend was spent with family...It was perfect that there was a baby shower on Mother's Day weekend since it brought Moms and siblings together with their families in the Southern end of the state. I look forward to going to Houlton each time I come home to Maine - but I'm not sure I would have fared too well this time since the scratchiness in my throat turned into a full-on cold while flying East on Thursday - complete with sneezing, coughing, and a stuffy nose. Not to get graphic but I could have done without the sneezing and coughing since as this pregnancy wears on I pee my pants a little with each of these (plus laughing). (Please tell me I will get control back after the baby comes!! This could get quite embarassing if it gets any worse!)

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