Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Handmade treasures

Hopefully writing this won't cause me to turn into a puddle of tears here at my desk (that has been known to happen lately). I love all the gifts that we have been showered with for Baby Moore but these are some very very special treasures to me since they were handmade (by some very special hands, I might add). They will remain in the family forever.

When I was home for the weekend in Maine Mom presented me with a couple things I hadn't seen in decades!.. This is a blanket that Grammy Madge (Dad's Mom) or Auntie Linda (Dad's Sister) made for me when I was born. If anyone knows for sure which one made it email me, ok? Also, Mom gave me an apron that she sewed for me when I went to nursery school and did little projects. I can't tell you how sweet and small this is. It is so cool to have it for my son/daughter to wear...and it has held up through all these years.

Genevieve also gave me some gifts that she sewed since she found out I was pregnant...A awesome diaper bag that several of my friends out here in Missoula have oooooed and aaaaaaahhhed over! (you may get some orders in the future, G!)...and the cutest little bunny that Skagit just can't seem to leave alone! She thinks that it is hers!! I don't think so, friend....It would last about 5 minutes and she'd have it torn to shreds!

My sis-in-law Katie (also an extremely talented seamstress who has been completely addicted to sewing!) made me this linen blanket (linen is one of my favorite materials!) with a cute little bird in the corner with a bib to match! I just absolutely love how natural and earthy they look. They are perfect!

I know that I already posted this but my friend Marie from Alberta made Baby Moore this!!! I love the bright colors and the detail and the perfect stitching so close to the edge. I wish I was this good at sewing! Maybe with more time on the sewing machine and a LOT more years of exprerience.
I am such a jack-of-all-trades it isn't even funny!....busting out the sewing machine every blue moon to do a specific project...and getting frustrated when things get all mucked up with the bobbin (I realized a couple weeks ago when I sewed a blanket for Jamieson's wife Sharon that the machine either needed MORE use or some heavy duty lube!). Well, when I have a little one to sew for I'm sure I'll be using it a bit more often...but until then I will just appreciate these gifts and know that they took plenty of time to pin, iron, and put through a sewing machine (or knit) with patient hands to make them.

Thank you for these wonderful heirlooms.


Anonymous said...

These gifts are beautiful!!! I am pretty sure that my Mom, Auntie Linda, made the little looks familiar to me..... I will have Mum take a look.........she will remember! I hope All is Wonderful in beautiful Missoula! Love, Sue

Anonymous said...

From those of us who visit on occasion... a gift of our very best wishes for you...