Monday, May 5, 2008

coming to life!

Kathy spotted these bluebells next to a very cool rock this morning on the trail. Looks like they have been here for a while....I must have been panting to hard to see them last week! he heHere is the start of a kitten-tail. Kinda short and squatty and furry - but eventually will grow a longer stem...
I just thought this was too brilliant NOT to photograph this morning. WOW! What a pop of color! - Shootingstar.
Arrowleaf Balsamroot...Here is the start of what will be the first grand wildflower SHOW of the year (each year) on Sentinel in a few short weeks - Arrowleaf Balsamroot is the star of the show (along with the Lupine)! A welcome sight in the spring! I noticed in the last few hikes that the deer have been feeding on the soft, fuzzy young shoots along the trail.

I love my wildflower book so much - this is what Craighead and Craighead say about Arrowleaf Balsamroot's "Flowering Season": "Latter part of April to first part of July. Blooms early, first appearing when aspens start to leaf and ruffed grouse are drumming. It is becoming conspicuous when American magpie is laying eggs and is in full bloom when bighorn sheep are lambing." I just love those is part of the reason I like to look up the flowers year after year. I never get bored of them. It makes me feel like part of this big picture - the big cycle of seasons and life. It is a nice reminder.
OK - speaking of LIFE - this little life inside me is getting bigger and stronger by the day (hey those are my ribs....and yes, that would be my bladder...thank you very much!)! We can't wait to meet this little person someday soon! I'm 32 weeks along - with just 8 more weeks to go in this crazy countdown... I look kinda squatty in this picture....I guess that is what happens when you grow OUT not UP!

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