Friday, May 23, 2008

My Birthday Girl

I can't believe that Skagit is one year old TODAY!

I made Jeff sing "Happy Birthday to You" with me this morning and I can't believe he actually agreed! She didn't know what the heck to think about that!

We have already been out to do one of her favorite things this morning - Hike. Normally we would go up Sentinel but the Doc said that I should make sure I have a human being with me these days when I go to the case I go into labor or fall or something! So, we opted for Blue Mountain...and we didn't wander too far...but far enough to enjoy and photograph a bunch more wildflowers (see slideshow to the right)! (yes she is mortified with the pink bow!)
I can't believe we were just the expectant dog-parents just a few short months ago....and it took a LOT of coniving to get her, I have to say! This is the little crate that she came home in:
Keri took this picture of us last August the week she came home with us.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Skagit!

Your Pals,
Anameka and Ellis

Angel said...

Happy Birthday Girlie!!