Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby Shower and Belly Fun

On Sunday Keri and Holli threw me a baby shower! Keri transformed her home and pulled out her grandmother's china set for the occasion...She also decorated her back deck into a place that was fit for queens! It was a wonderful afternoon to be a woman. There is something very special about getting together with your friends to welcome a new baby into the world (and this time, my own baby)....exchanging stories about labor and birth and other cool things about being a mom. Although I am not crazy about being in the hot seat it was great to see a whole bunch of my women friends all in one place together!

Each guest brought some fabric squares of their choice and also each wrote a note on a solid square of fabric (wishes for Baby Moore) and Angel with help from Margaret is sewing together a quilt for the baby...I can't wait to see the finished product!

I started taking pictures once I got there but soon realized that Danielle had taken on the responsibility of photographing the event! So, I put the camera away...before I did, though, I snapped these of the preparation...

It's all about the BABY!
The Bookclub Honeys who met for the monthly "bookclub" meeting a couple of weeks ago treated Deidad (the other pregnant lady in the bookclub due May 30) and I to foot and leg massages and also gave me a henna tattoo that each girl added to.

A little more belly FUN!
Holli who is in town for one more day got me a belly casting kit for the baby shower and when she had first mentioned it last week - it sounded like an ok idea - but in the back of my head I was thinking I hope that this isn't one of those things that I struggle with what the heck I should do with it years from now...but I humored her and this afternoon we did a belly cast on my front porch...I am SO GLAD we did it. It is like, the coolest thing! I am planning on hanging it in the baby's room (once it is done) are some pics. The red stuff is Saran Wrap to protect your clothing...and the reason I look all greased up is that you have to put massage oil on your skin in order for the plaster to peel off easily:

Here is a video we used to figure out how to do the belly cast.

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