Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Unlikely Mother? OR just a "Mom-to-be" trying to figure out where SHE fits into this whole scheme?

I talked with Grammy this week and she told me that relatives (ok, almost ALL of them!) on that side of the family are having a difficult time "picturing" me with a baby and that they are anxious to meet this new little one that will, undoubtedly be, the center of Jeff's and my universe... I laughed out loud when I heard this since, they're not alone ~ sometimes I have the same feeling! I'm sure motherhood will come naturally (that's what I've heard) once the baby is born...well, however natural motherhood can be with a newborn ~ walking around like the living dead after being up all night! hee hee! Sometimes I get the feeling that we plain ol' don't know what we've gotten ourselves in to! One thing I DO know, however, is that I'm welcoming this 'new' part of my life - like I do all other adventures! WITH OPEN ARMS!

I hope I'm not unrealistic to think that the baby can sort of conform to MY lifestyle (at least a little, pretty please?). I wouldn't be the first active/social/on-the-go mom to try this theory!!!! I mean, Skagit seems to like it pretty well!! OK - she's a dog - but I figure I'll just strap him/her on and get on with it! I refuse to be in lock down (although at first, while I get my bearings and get my physique back, I may want to hide out).

I was terrified this past weekend in Target while looking aimlessly through the baby aisles - searching for what we "need" to get ready for this little creature (who is going crazy in my belly as I write this entry, BTW)! I wish I had a recording of my face as I was looking at some of this silly stuff you can get! I had to make an emergency call to Genevieve to find out how many of "this" and "that" that I would need to start. Comical - I tell ya!

It is so good that my pregnancy is already starting to "train" me for motherhood and some of the selfless things you must do in order to accommodate this new little person. I have really had to curtail some of the things that I love to do (I hope, just temporarily), and over time I'm getting used to it - little by little. I can no longer run (I cut running out completely about a month ago since my pelvis hurt beyond belief - shooting pain - and I was so sore for at least a day after and couldn't get out of bed very easily during my two/three times a night trips to the bathroom!) But instead of focusing on what I can't do - let's think about what I can do! There are lots of perks to pregnancy!
I can be a total baby when I want to be: "Jeff, could you let Skagit out?"
I don't prepare delicious dinners, lately: "Jeff, whatdoyasay we bring home a pizza?" (I am not in the mood to cook AT ALL - unless it is seafood or sushi for some reason. I just want a salad most nights anyway.)
These are about the only parts of pregnancy that I have taken advantage of - but I will learn more as the third trimester progresses and I get into the 30s (weeks, that is!)...."Jeff - can you help me put on my shoes?" etc etc.

I'm pretty happy with this pregnancy thing so far. It's is not at all what I've heard... or as bad as it could be. I'm still going up Mt Sentinel (2,000 ft elev. gain) 3 X week religiously, hiking with Skagit almost every day, and riding when the weather cooperates in between. I don't have back pain, or much pelvic pain...and I still have lots of energy although I never sleep through the night. I will NOT go so far as those women who say "Oh, I loved being pregnant, it was such a joyful time. I enjoyed every minute!" - come on are those people for real?...there are always the not-so-joyful things of pregnancy - namely, in my case, acid reflux seems to be my problem as of late!

I'm so excited for Spring so we can open up the windows and paint the baby's room!!

Here are a couple pics from Sentinel this morning. I thought they were quite a contrast to Monday's... Snowy and windy up there this morning - just another indication that Winter is not ready to give up it's persistent grip, just yet.

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