Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Skagit shines up pretty nice!

This morning Skag and I went to Go Fetch downtown and I gave her a bath! I had been meaning to get down there for a while since Jeff told me that the owner (Scott) was from Maine! I got a chance to talk with him and another fellow I hadn't seen in a while (my friend Brandon - who also works over at the Canoe Rack). (Skag looking a little less than excited about her bath.)

(poor soggy dog)

Since she was so good at the dog wash I was silly enough to get her yet another toy. I was telling Brandon that she destroys toys within minutes of playing with them and he pointed me in the direction of one that he'd never heard any complaints about....I thought it looked more burly than the toughest Kong so I figured we should give it a try................. This is what I find as I turn around 5 minutes after I gave it to her with some treats inside once we got home, and I'm sad to report she has destroyed it completely, now. This is the last "toy" I will buy for her. I have finally learned my lesson that I know her better than anyone else in the world and there is no toy that exists that she won't destroy. Hey Skag - you would make a great living as a a toy-tester for a big doggy toy company. Let's put these talents to good use!
(Scavenger Skag strikes again!)
The only thing that I can buy for her that aren't a total drain on cash are bones with marrow in them, and she enjoys them forever and ever never growing tired of chewing on them when she gets bored. As you can see she has taken a chunk out of this bone, too. I am thankful I found the piece and got rid of it before she decided to swallow it.

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Summer Nicklasson said...

Is Skagit a puppy? Yes she does clean up nice, but what a sad little soggy dog look! That definitely made me laugh!