Monday, April 21, 2008

I get a little something from every hike I take..

Happy Birthday, Gram! I love you!I get something from every one of my trips up Sentinel....whether it be the birth of a great idea, a brainstorm, an inspiration from the scenery (the way the light hits the grass or the trees or the town below at certain times of the day or certain times of the year)or a rock found along the way, or crouching down to the earth to study the intricate details of a wildflower and feeling like a child again with the new discovery, solace, a great conversation with a hiking partner, a good cry, a boisterous laugh, or the sheer enjoyment of watching the dogs have so much fun. I almost always get a workout. Especially these days, while I'm carrying around an extra 18-20 pounds!

In the recent past I was hiking mostly on my side of town at Blue Mountain. It is closer and more convenient...but as the snow receded this spring the deer bones and fur that were exposed have caused quite a problem. Skagit has swallowed a few bone pieces that were too big....and days after she swallows them I hear her retching in her kennel in the middle of the night...she coughs up the bone eventually. I feel pretty lucky that she hasn't gotten a bowel obstruction or something!... Sometimes I can't get to her fast enough to get the bones away and that is why we have fallen back into our Mount Sentinel routine. We are loving it! Here are a few pictures that can explain why:

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