Thursday, April 3, 2008

The "Good Omen" Owl

(A painting by Randy Zielinski)

Throughout history the owl has carried many meanings to many people, civilizations, tribes... good and evil... For me, the owl has always been a good omen. I'm not sure when my fascination with owls began, but I think they are the most beautiful birds in the world, and my encounters with them have always brought me good things.

This is what brought me to commission our friend Randy to create a painting for our child's room.

Randy's wife Andrea gave him a gift of some paints and a few canvases this past Christmas, and He told me He hadn't painted since high school and was thrilled at the tools now at his fingertips! Something inside Randy has been awakened after these years of not nurturing his talent and you will see what I mean when you see them first hand.

On the first Friday of March on what we locals call "First Friday", in downtown Missoula, Randy had his first show. The bright colors on the contrast of backgrounds he used in these first paintings made my heart dance! After the show I spoke with him about my idea and the hope that I had for the painting. I only had two requests, that the image be of an owl, and also the use of orange since it is my favorite color, and the rest was to be left to the Artist's whim and unique creativity...

I picked up this piece a couple of days ago at his office and it turned out even more spectacular than I imagined! I can't wait to get this room painted and hang this colorful piece that I have named "The Good Omen Owl".

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