Tuesday, April 8, 2008

boy oh boy oh boy

OH MY GOSH! I knew my belly definitely started to take shape during these last three weeks (week 25-28) but until you compare it with the 24 week photo it just doesn't hit home. I am excited to see what the next will look like! he he! So, THAT is why I have been having a little trouble getting up the mtn lately!

My morning started out with a nice (sweatier than usual) hike up Mount Sentinel... I was going to go around the back on a forest service road which is a little more flat - but once the momentum picks up and I get part way up ....something pulls me to the top. Today, I had a strong feeling that it was Dad.

I burned my own path up a different ridge (not on the trail) through the dead knapweed and native grasses... I wanted to try to get a peek at this pond that Kathy told me she'd heard about, but I wasn't far enough East going up to get the right view.


Art said...

It's a boy - yea!

Angel said...

Yes, that too was my thought...huh they found out it is a boy after all...But then I figured it was just an expression...or is it...maybe your body knows what's in there and it's just giving you little hints??? Hummmm....Yes you are starting to show a little bump now! Just wait...one day you will balance your cup on your tummy!! hee-hee

Ebeth said...

We don't know if the babe is a boy or girl until s/he is born - but I totally got carried away with the use of the word 'boy' in my title - since I couldn't believe the change in my belly!! I felt it was the most dramatic 4-week change, so far! I'm sure the next one will be also. hee hee.