Monday, March 31, 2008

The sisterhood of the traveling maternity clothes

As I enter the third trimester I'm realizing there are a few very unsexy things about pregnancy... For me, it's my shrinking my belly grows. Yeah, yeah, I know some of you are thinking "she wears the same thing everyday, regardless of being prego" but for an already small wardrobe, let me tell ya - it IS getting smaller. I still can wear most of my shirts, but by my pant selection has dwindled down to two or three of which is maternity...and the other two I can't (usually) button the top button!

In talking with Keri over the past weeks about my "growing" problem she offered several times for me to come over and look at her maternity clothes. In an attempt to rescue me (which is just what a girlfriend has to do, from time to time) she said that I would be welcome to anything I wanted.

I have to admit on my way over there yesterday, I had my doubts that much of it would fit because of our size difference (she's tiny - like a size 0 or less ~ and I'm a size 6 in our non-pregnant lives!) and the height difference (I think I may have her by 8 inches!). Anyway, I learned pretty quickly that in the maternity world none of this really seems to matter - since, well, we all eventually get huge and uncomfortable near the end, and you just need something comfortable to wear (who cares if it is a little too short)! And in my case - I think I'll be in shorts for the most part, at the end, due to the time of year, and that was the same for Keri (she had her baby last August in the heat of the summer).

I ended up finding many many treasures in her selection! It just so happens she is one of my most stylish friends so all her things are super awesome! I picked out some things that I may not have picked out on a store rack (since I'm not very daring) and tried them on - and I have to say, it has changed my world!...and expanded my wardrobe so much! In total, I brought home a small storage box full of goodies to borrow! I feel like a whole new woman and sort of a chic pregnant chick today, thanks to KERI! This is what I'm wearing!

Keri and Parker also braved Target with me to get signed up for a baby registry there, since I have had quite a few friends ask already. It was so helpful to go through the aisles with her and get her take on what a new mom really needs and which things worked best for her.

Thank YOU SO SO MUCH, KERI! I don't know what I would do without YOU, my friend! You're simply the BEST!!!! AND such an inspiration to me!!!

My tummy hurt last night, due to the laughter in the store! And Parker - thank you for being so patient!


Moot Travels said...

Girlfriend - you made my day - you are always daring and groovn'! XOXO Your bump is such a blessing have fun with it and enjoy the adventure!

Ebeth said...

AND Thanks to you, Tam, I was feelin' styly at the Moothart wedding in January!! Thanks again!