Monday, March 24, 2008

"Scavenger Skag" & some unlikely tree ornaments on the trail

Today, for our daily outdoor "fix" we used a trail (up Blue Mtn) we hadn't been on in a while. Skagit's nose was in overdrive, and every few seconds she would come running from a different direction carrying a deer body part she'd found.

Someone had been here before us with a dog who kept bringing back treasures....and if you look closely in the tree you will see a leg hanging....I liked this idea so started hanging ornaments along the trail as quick as Skag would bring them back. Sorry if you find them there and are disgusted - but it was the only way I could get her to not go back for them each time I would throw them off to the side.

It is just out of reach as she jumps high for the prize!

This one was a particularly hairy intact leg....she brought it back twice so I had to hide it in this tree.

She didn't seem to care - as you can see - she's looking for another one since this one was out of reach!

It was a fun hike and I even ran down the trail a little bit - it was the perfect spring weather, cloudless, yet the air had a chill and some wind. I could have done without my hands smelling like death after the hike (from grabbing bones from Skagit), but it was a small price to pay.

I took a closer look at some bark (which I have an obsession for)....especially the ponderosa pine bark...and a few other things.


SLEastler said...

Funny! I grew up in Maine too. Fam will most likely move back in a few years so I can have my farm with chickens. Love the old family pics and your definitely baby-sized baby bump! Congrats!.

Ebeth said...

Where are you from in Maine? Are you from the county? Do you have a website for your farm?