Monday, March 17, 2008

The Open Road.......just me, the baby, and the bike!

After a late afternoon hike up Blue Mountain with my new friend Kim and two of her dogs Tucker and Swayo (I'm not sure how to spell her name yet, but she's very sweet) and Skagit... I decided it was time to hit the road....literally...and this time the weather DID cooperate. So, me and my bump - hopped on the bike and were on our way!

(picture of Baby Moore from my perspective)

It felt SO good to be out in the fresh air. The motorists weren't rude or reckless and there were only a few snow flurries that hit my sunglasses while we were riding the roughly 20-mile loop. I am convinced even more today - this is my exercise of choice during pregnancy. No pelvic pain whatsoever. I did find that I was riding much closer to the edge of the road than I normally do - but I'm sure that is normal for when you have precious cargo on board.

The clouds were so cool I had to stop and take a photo of the snowy clouds over Blue Mountain looking southwest down the Clark Fork River...besides this view... the Reserve Street section is my least favorite part. (A minute after the bridge over the Clark Fork is the absolute rankest smell you will ever smell (rendering plant or sewer treatment plant - I don't know - it's just gross)!...and the traffic is usually pretty bad on this section. But not today!)

It was just one of those evenings that I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Here we are at the end of the ride! Thanks for accompanying me, my little one! I really didn't feel alone, today....because you were there with me.

Tomorrow marks 25 weeks! 15 more weeks to go before we get to meet you!

As an aside - I got this video in my inbox from Team Stampede's listserv and thought it was pretty cool. It is intended to bring awareness to the 'inattentive motorist'. And I have to say - there were plenty of them on the road (on cell phones!) tonight.

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