Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Bookclub Honey Adventure - Big Sky Lake

I'm still coming down from the high I experienced this weekend...better than any drug out there...time with six very special girlfriends.

Our bookclub (aka the Bookclub Honeys) had been planning this getaway for over a month...and the time had finally come to get together.
We skied, talked about the book (longer than the usual 5-minute discussion!), caught up with each others' lives, sang, laughed (so hard that I peed my pants a little, actually) at dinner at the Double Arrow (shocking many of the other patrons of the restaurant with our infectious enthusiasm), stayed up way past our usual bedtime (I think it was like, 2 am, or something), ice fished, and skied a little more...

In working with the title of this month's book "The Birth of Venus" we gave ourselves goddess names: Athena (Jen B), Sonsolas (Jen M), Aphrodite (Gudren), Artemis (Sharon), Isis (Lisa), Boudicca (Monica), and Freya (Me).

Yesterday, when I got home I was trying to sum up the weekend for Jeff and as the pieces and parts came to me I would blurt them out... I was glowing...and still am.

I have known these girls, for three or four years, now, and it's interesting looking back at how much 'life' has happened in the time since we've known each other...and because we know each other a little better now, our eagerness to share. We've been through losses, pregnancies, births, difficult times, supported each other in our dreams (last fall we all showed up to Jen Bardsley's art show downtown, and some of these girls showed up to support me upon my return from PQ when Jeff threw me a welcome home party), shared some mtn bike rides, runs, and hikes...

I was talking with a new friend last Wednesday and she intimated that she had belonged to a couple bookclubs before but they didn't last very long. I'm so glad that we have stuck together all this time. We started off with about 14 people at the first bookclub meeting and we are down to eight on the email list now. Annibell was a big loss to the bookclub when she moved away - but there is always a spot upon her return to Missoula - and during her visits!

There is only one aspect that could have made this weekend even better....if Deidad had been able to join us. She is our Honey girl from Mexico. She was planning on coming but she is pregnant right now and she was feeling too sore to want to be anywhere but home this weekend...

Thank you for a wonderful weekend girls! I had a dreamy time!

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