Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Adventures of Skagit "Goddess of the Mountains" Moore

Yesterday morning Skagit, Sonny and I went on one of our favorite walks that we haven't been to in a long time - McClay Flat. It is a nice place to go if I don't have a lot of time to walk with Skagit a particular morning. You get a little of everything....the river, the woods, and a little solace before you start your day....especially since we go real early before anyone else gets there. Here is what the hint of a sunrise looked like Tuesday morning (Skag's Go Fetch Day)...
Ok, promise you won't show Jeff this picture! Skag rode shotgun this afternoon and she asked if she could try on my hat. I told her she looked silly - but she doesn't always listen to me.
We started the day off right by picking up Lucy (Keri's dog) and heading to Mount Jumbo (since the front side opened to the public Mar 15 - for the year) to meet Kathy and Jetta. It was clear and nice to get a fresh view of the valley (instead of the familiar perspectives from Sentinel and Blue Mtn - our usual stomping grounds).

We got up quite a ways past the "L" and switchbacked into a curve in the mtn where the sun doesn't hit for very long, yet this spring, and found lots of packed snow and ice on the trail. So, Kath and I sort of burned our own trail up the mtn ...heading straight up... stepping like stairs up the steep mountainside. We got up almost to the top where it levels out, but ran into even more crusty snow so we turned around enjoyed the view and headed back down the way we'd come.
The dogs had a great time fighting over a deer bone. Usually I take bones away from Skagit while we are on hikes - but this one was nice and white with no bits of hair and skin attached. They had a great time taking turns with it - although Skagit always tried to take a really long turn!(That's Jetta on the right, and Lucy on the left)

(A very patient Lucy)


Summer Nicklasson said...

you clearly have a very hip dog!

Angel said...

Loved the picture of Skagit and your hat!! She looked so cute!!