Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I feel naked....and other realities of pregnancy

I got my belly pierced when I moved to Missoula (Sept 1997)...and last night I took it out for the first time. I feel totally naked without out this silly piece of jewelry, and it feels to weird not to have it in... I heard there are some temporary pregnancy rings that you can put in - but I think I'll take my chances and hope it doesn't heal up.
I'm over halfway through my pregnancy... and instead of the normal increase in my daily exersize routine (as is usual for me this time of year), I'm trying to pace myself a bit. About a month ago I started to feel pelvic pain in the round ligament area (where my body is stretching to fit this little person) after running so I find I need to give myself atleast a day of space in between runs...and running 5-6 miles at most, when I do go out... Since it has been so nice in Missoula lately, it's time to hit the road with my bike!...That will be my main source of exersize should I find it continues to be more comfortable than running.

I still haven't gotten the big cravings / food aversions people talk about, the huge appetite, or the desire to sit around and eat bon bons - but I'm sure it's around the corner...right?

...for now I will try to maintain as much normalcy as I can before my body becomes huge, unrecognizable and uncomfortable closer to my due date... SO far I'm enjoying the 2nd trimester.

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