Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cause of death: A broken heart? (Dean Armstrong - 1905-2008)

OK - I promise this is the last sad entry I will publish for a while....but I wanted to tell you, it is with a heavy heart I bring you this news.

Jeff's (step)Grandpa Dean Armstrong passed away this past Friday February 1st. He only lasted 6 days without Grandma Betty. Could he have died of a broken heart? I like to think that he did. It is a very romantic way to go... He was waiting for Betty.

Dean would have been 103 years old on February 15th.

Think about what he has seen in his lifetime!!! That part of the story blows me away more than anything else.

I will add his obituary to this entry when I receive it.

Love is very much alive in the world!

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