Thursday, February 21, 2008

"CLASS C" - Big Sky Documentary Film Festival Award Winner

Last night Jeff and I went to see one of the four winning films of this year's Big Sky Documentary Film Festival at the historic Wilma! We figured they would all be very good - so we opted for the early show called "Class C", and we weren't dissapointed.

In fact, at "Class C" I found myself laughing (and tearing up at many of the sections of the movie). It struck a chord in me...and it made me homesick for my childhood in my own hometown of Houlton, Maine. I remember as a girl we SO looked up to the Houlton High School Girls Basketball team as roll models and what you could achieve! (they were larger than life in Houlton - especially when they won the state tournament!). While in highschool I played in the band and it was the biggest deal of the year to travel to August on the band bus to be a part of the whole scene. I was talking to Mom this morning and we reminisced (even before she heard the details of this movie) about how big a deal it was to get to stop at the Maine Mall in Bangor on the way, and goto the "Augusta Civic Center" for the BIG GAME!

Houlton High School was Class B when I attended but it has become a Class C since my graduation in 1992...I imagine mainly due to the population of the town and Houlton's surrounding area.

I can't say enough good things about this film. And as you will see, if you ever watch it, it is about more than just the basketball teams themselves...

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Click here to see the trailer for "Class C"

Here is a writeup about it on Montana PBS. This movie was seen for the first time this week at the BSFF but will be featured on Montana PBS starting Next week. They are splitting it up into two nights (Airs Wednesday 2/27 at 8pm, and Monday 3/3 at 7pm).

Also - here is the site for the (5th Annual) Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

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