Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Wedding Crashers

Jeff and I were wedding crashers this past weekend in the Seattle area. Jeff's old friends from College (The Moothart brothers and Tami) had a wedding to attend this past weekend (Richard Moothart's daughter Erin). Tami and Kenny invited us to go crash it since all the brothers (and sister Pam) were going to be in town (from California and Florida, and Oregon) and Jeff hadn't seen them in quite a while.

So, I was initiated into the Moothart clan this weekend. Boy do these guys know how to party! We had quite a wild time (well, as wild as this pregnant girl could get anyway!) staying up late (3am) and sleeping in and pampering ourselves before the wedding. Oh, and also the 8 hour drive each way! It was all worth it, though. The Moothart family is a very fun-loving bunch, and I felt like part of their family by the end of the weekend.

While we were in Washington we also squeezed in a quick visit to Lee and Diane. We snuck into their Friday night dinner tradition in Burlington! Thanks for inviting us!

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Angel said...

It looks like you had a really good time!! Loved the puple top!! You go girl!!